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Pre-order your meal and skip the long lunch line. Earn points for digital rewards*.

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View menus, nutritional, and allergen information. Manage school payments and set digital rewards*.

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Drive student participation, enhance legacy nutrition systems, import USDA-approved menus, and reduce food waste with pre-ordered meals.


  • Do I need an account to use choosi?

    If your school has signed up for Choosi and published their menus, then you can view your school’s menus without signing in. However, to pre-order meals or earn rewards, you must sign in using the account credentials provided by your school. Talk with your school’s food service personnel if you don’t have this information, or you can contact us and we will try to help.

  • What if my school’s menus are blank or empty?

    If you don’t see your school’s menus in Choosi, then they either haven’t published their menus or signed up for Choosi yet. Let your school’s food service personnel know that you would like to see their menus in Choosi. You can also let us know and we will reach out to your school to help set them up.

  • How does my school sign up for Choosi?

    Signing up is relatively simple, although it does require the permission of a school’s food service department. Send us a message using the Contact Us link below and tell us if you’re a parent, student, or food service personnel and that you would like more information about Choosi. One of our team members will follow-up shortly. Once a school has decided which features to implement (Menus, Preordered Meals, Rewards Program, and/or Payments), then we’ll start setting up Choosi.

  • How does the rewards program work?

    Students earn points by eating in the school cafeteria and completing healthy challenges. After earning enough points, they can redeem those points for parent-approved digital rewards like movies, music, and eBooks from within Choosi. Parents configure the reward permissions for each of their students, giving parents control over the available choices while lettings students choose their own rewards. The points students earn are tracked automatically by Choosi when it’s integrated with a school’s cafeteria point of sale system, eliminating any effort by the school staff to maintain the program.

  • How does Choosi integrate with legacy systems?

    Choosi reads menu and point of sale data from the school’s legacy systems to simplify management efforts by the school staff. Federal regulations have clearly stated that the schools own their menu and point of sale data, meaning that their legacy system providers are required to provide access to this data at the school’s request.

  • How does Choosi protect student information?

    We treat any personal information that we receive about any students very securely, and we do not sell, rent, or do anything else with this information that isn’t required to deliver the services within Choosi. You can read more about what data we collect and how we use it in our Privacy Policy. And it goes without saying that we meet or exceed FERPA and COPPA standards.


Download the app to get started.

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Choosi was launched by inTEAM Associates as a consumer-facing application to increase participation and engage parents and kids with their school cafeteria. By fully integrating with a school’s menu planning and point of sale data systems, Choosi provides a powerful, yet easy to implement marketing platform designed to help schools meet their goals of delivering healthy meals to kids.

In Team Associates, LLC

inTEAM Associates enjoys a 25 year legacy of improving child nutrition programs at the state and local levels. We created the gold standard for managing successful food service programs. Our approach combines innovative technologies like CN Central and Choosi with unique consulting expertise to improve each client school district's fiscal and nutrition outcomes.

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